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Business Rescue Software

Complete the initial assessment by logging into the Business Rescue Manager and a business rescue practitioner will contact you after you have submitted the initial assessment form.

The initial assessment will help us to understand what the most appropriate route is given the financial state of the company.

The initial assessment is free of charge.

We will provide an opinion based on the initial assessment once payment has been received with no further obligations thereafter should either party decide to not continue with further consultation.

What is Business Intelligence?

You probably have plenty of data on many aspects of your business.

Your organization makes decisions every day based on the intelligence and insight gained from this data.

Business intelligence (BI) is the ability for an organization to convert all its capabilities into knowledge. This produces large amounts of information which can lead to the development of new opportunities and when identified and a strategy has been effectively implemented, they can provide an organization with a competitive advantage in the market, and stability in the long run.

It’s important to know how your business is doing now but more importantly how you will perform in the future.

In today’s age to be a more competitive business you need to have better information managed in a certain way in order to measure the correct things to get the best results.