Facilitating the
rehabilitation of
companies that are
financially distressed


Development and
implementation of an
approved Business
Rescue Plan


Strategies to
ensure success
for any business


Business Rescue Practitioners | Turnaround Business Management | Business Rescue Specialists

Business Rescue Partner (BRP) facilitates the rehabilitation of companies in financial distress. The end goal is to give a struggling business the best possible chance to survive. Strategies are implemented to have a long lasting impact and to ensure success for the business and owners

What we Offer

  • Turnaround Strategies
  • Assist attorneys & accountants with
    their Business Rescue matters
  • Financial Recovery Strategies

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Our Process

1. Assessment Questionnaire

2. Information Gathering

3. Business Plan Process

4. Monitoring Process

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Background Info

  • Turnaround Management
  • Companies Act
  • Business Rescue

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Business Rescue as a Solution

If a company is financially distressed there is a duty on the directors to consider business rescue.

Filing for business rescue in the early stages of financial distress greatly increases the chances of success.

Post Commencement Finance

BRP has enjoyed great success working with investors to save good business models.

This has not only resulted in the saving of a considerable number of jobs but also ensured great returns to the investors.

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What will Business Rescue achieve?

What will Business Rescue achieve?

The revamped Companies Act of 2008 provides struggling businesses with all the help they need to get out of trouble with business rescue legislation, as set out in Chapter 6 of the Act.

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Rescuing The Golden Goose

Rescuing The Golden Goose

The Companies Act of 2008 introduced the concept of Business Rescue to South Africa. Since then it has had the effect of saving dozens of companies that may otherwise have been liquidated.

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