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Our Solution

Our unique web based solution involves the following:

Step 1 – An Assessment Questionaire

This step is to enable ourselves with certain information regarding the current business model to assist us and yourselves to understand the underlying problem and assess possible solutions.

This step is fairly high level and is business model focused. It is our experience that if there are fundamental problems in the business model then the chances of success is very slim.

The objective of this Step is to give an initial assessment that would form the foundation of the business rescue or compromise strategy, without you incurring exorbitant costs, to a certain degree this is a self- assessment procedure. Once the process has been completed the practitioner will make contact with yourself and recommend a way forward.

Step 2 – Information Gathering

This step is also web based and entails the uploading of all relevant information regarding your business to enable the practitioner to advice on the appropriate strategy, this being business rescue or compromise or hopefully not liquidation.

The complete process is automated, therefore all legal aspects to the process is automatically generated. It is from this stage that costs are starting to be incurred.

Step 3 – Business Plan Process

This step is also  automated but would also entail an interview and consultation process. The goal of this process is to get the business rescue plan approved. The development of survival strategies in this phase is highly important and the communication with creditors as important. It must be noted that we run the legal process in parallel to the rescue process.

Step 4 – Monitoring Process

This step if successful on the previous steps would entail the implementation, monitoring and communication to all stakeholders of the rescue strategies.

In conclusion as this is an automated process to a certain degree human intervention in the end is the only solution to a rescue, we aim to focus our efforts only on the most important areas of your business to create value and to leverage from.

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