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Practitioner Support

We provide support services for Business Rescue Practitioners.

This allows the practitioner to concentrate on what he is supposed to.

  • We strongly believe in working in teams because it has become obvious from the begging that many different skill sets are necessary to properly perform in any given business rescue. It is unlikely that any single business rescue practitioner possesses 100% of the necessary skills.

  • We have developed systems, processes and software that greatly streamlines the business rescue administrative process from a legal and financial perspective.

  • Stefan Steyn, a professional accountant with a Master’s Degree in financial strategy and Tim Stokes, an attorney, provide the business rescue practitioner with valuable skills to administer the back-office administrative and formal processes.

  • The practitioner also has access to the staff and systems of Kruger & Co Accountants and Stokes Attorneys.

  • We have access to many seasoned financial experts through The Finance Team who can be placed directly into any company under business rescue.

  • Financial monitoring of companies in business rescue if absolutely fundamental and this is where is key.

  • We assist the practitioners in sourcing and applying for post commencement finance through BR Capital and others.

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Business Rescue Practitioners

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