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Who are We

We have concluded our requirements to be appointed as a Business Rescue Practitioner at CIPC. At this point there are no registered business rescue practitioners on a permanent basis, however licences are granted on a case by case basis by submission of CoR 123.1.

Legal Expertise

We developed a business by the name of National Debt Review Agency whereby we set up the processes for debt counsellors. We have prepared ourselves as to the legal aspects of debt collection and the internal processes of banks to individuals and feel that the processes and challenges would be similar. We have the confidence that we will be able to serve the public with integrity as we have been doing for the national credit regulator.

Technology Expertise

We are in the process of developing a business rescue software administration programme that will be launched for the benefit of business rescue practitioners to standardise a professional service. We intend to implement a best practices methodology to support other business rescue practitioners. The software will be web based and accessible to the public to educate them and assist companies on the legal procedures and administration.

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Business Rescue Practitioners

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